Heritage Open Days – an opportunity for all

The rich history and traditions of Freemasonry are dear to the hearts of every Mason and are a constant source of fascination to the general public.

Heritage Open Days offer an ideal opportunity for Masons to show off their Masonic halls and tell the public about our order, the furnishings of our lodge rooms, our rituals, and the tenets and values of our fraternity.

In 2018, as in previous years, many of our Masonic halls will open their doors and welcome members of the public to view our facilities and learn the truth about Freemasonry – rather than the fabrications that they may have encountered on the world-wide web.

But Masons too can broaden their knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry and the halls in which they meet by accompanying informed colleagues as they guide members of the public around the building. Sharing knowledge and experiences in this way is fun and greatly enriches the occasion for the visitor. When the public arrives at a Masonic hall, first impressions are important and, with this in mind, it is essential that vibrancy, cordiality and enthusiasm greet the viewer when they cross the threshold. Strong support for the event by Masons, even if they are not called upon to conduct visitors around the building, helps to create a favourable impression. A well-supported Masonic hall reflects the camaraderie, the geniality and dedication of our fraternity – characteristics that will encourage the recruitment of new members.

Heritage Open Days are held from Thursday 13th September to Sunday 16th September this year. The Masonic Hall will be open on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th September from 10am until 4pm.

Can you give some of your time in support of your Masonic Hall and Freemasonry in general? Even only a short period of attendance will be much appreciated. We look forward to welcoming you!