Description of the new Masonic Hall

The new Masonic Hall premises have frontage to Upper Adelaide Street of 98 feet.  In the preparation of the plans convenient arrangements and utility have been the first consideration of the architect.  The front elevation (which will be faced with Yorkshire parpoints and ashlar dressing) is somewhat plain in character, in order to keep down the cost as much as possible.  The internal arrangements on the ground floor form the club premises, and comprise: Entrance, vestibule, hall, billiard room 33 feet by 32 feet, large social or reading room 35 feet by 21 feet, and spacious committee, card, and store room and lavatory.  The whole of the first floor is entirely reserved for Masonic purposes, and comprises the following rooms: Lodge room 28 feet by 24 feet, spacious ante-rooms, store rooms, dining room 32 by 24 feet, with storeroom and lift adjoining the same, lavatory etc.  The centre portion of the building consists of three floors; the upper one will be entirely be occupied by the caretakers apartments, kitchen and pantry etc.  In addition to the lavatories provided on each upper floor, spacious latrines will be provided in the basement.  It is hoped that the contract for the erection of the building will be let, and work commenced early in June next.  The plans have been prepared by, and the work will be carried out under the supervision of, Mr J. A. Nuttall, architect, 29 Birley Street, Blackpool