Ashlar Lodge No 5154

Ashlar BannerSome snippets from a paper delivered to the Lodge in 1994, by the then Secretary covering the years from Consecration in 1930 to 1980 will probably illustrate the workings of an average Lodge under the Constitutions of the United Grand Lodge of England.  In common with other Lodges it was not unusual for newly Consecrated Lodges to have more than one Ceremony on a Lodge evening.  At one such meeting in 1930 the Lodge Minutes recorded a Third Degree Ceremony, a Second Degree Ceremony and a Ballot for six gentlemen to join the Lodge — all this was accomplished between 6.10 p.m. and 7.55 p.m.

At the Consecration the Brethren wore dark clothing but from then until the war in 1939, evening dress was worn at Lodge Meetings.  After the outbreak of the war dark clothing or uniform was the order of the night.  Since that date evening dress is only worn at the Installation Ceremony.

A request from the Ladies in April 1939 to form a Committee was declined with some severity.  A Ladies Committee was eventually sanctioned seven years later in January 1946.

At a Committee Meeting, presumably just before, or at the start of World War 2, a Worshipful Brother proposed that the surplus in the General Account be used to buy shares in the Blackpool Masonic Club Limited.  In view of the state of affairs in Europe another Brother suggested that further ½% interest could be obtained by buying 3½% War Bond Stock.  After much discussion – a phrase well used by Secretaries and loved by all – it covers anything from a light banter to a blazing row, the Treasurer proposed that £100.00 be invested in Blackpool Masonic Club Ltd.  This was seconded, but the W. Brother who had suggested that the money be invested in War Bonds  now proposed an amendment to the effect that the £100.00 be invested in War Bonds.  No seconder was found and the money was duly allocated to the Blackpool Masonic Club Ltd.  At this point a peacemaker came forward and suggested that the balance left to be used to buy 3½% War Bonds.  This was not taken up, but in the time-honoured phrase “the Meeting closed in peace and harmony”

By November 1942, £200.00 had been invested in 3% Defence Bonds.

A member of Ashlar Lodge, Brother J. Benson, serving in H.M. Forces in Malta, wrote to the Lodge, in 1944, asking permission to be passed and raised in a Lodge in Malta.

Toyne and Co., regalia suppliers, sent a letter to the Lodge, in March that year, stating that they could not supply four aprons unless four clothing coupons were sent.  The Candidates had to supply their own.

In November the same year, draft plans were on view for the extensions to the Blackpool Masonic Club.