Blackpool Integrity Lodge No 5864

Integrity BannerThe 12th August 1942 was an important day in the history of the Lodge, for it was on that date an Emergency meeting of the Mother Lodge, Sincerity Lodge No 4175, that the petition was signed requesting permission to form a new Lodge, to be known as, The Blackpool Lodge of Integrity No 5864.  The brethren named in the petition were of a determined and resolute character, and the fact that a blanket refusal, due to war conditions, was declared by the Provincial Grand Master did not deter them from persisting with their efforts with undiminished fervour.  At this stage they made a very wise move and enlisted the services of W.Bro. T.E. Rushton, P.G.D., a Barrister by profession, and the then Chairman of the Fylde Group of Lodges, and W.Bro. R.G. Bentley, P.A.G.D.C., who was the Group Secretary.  This added strength culminated, after a period of negotiating. in a further meeting with the Provincial Grand Master, who finally gave the petition his blessing, at the same time promising his full support and also congratulating W.Bro. Hartley on presenting such a good case.

The warrant of the Lodge having been received the date of the consecration was fixed as the 22nd February 1943 to be held at the Masonic Hall, Adelaide Street, Blackpool.  The cost of the meal was 5s 11d per head – 6 gallons of mild beer cost £2.00 and bottles of whisky and gin £1.6s.6d a bottle.  120 brethren attended the Consecration and the collections for and donations to Masonic Charities were £472 7s.6d.  At the Consecration meeting five  joining members and  two candidates for Initiation were proposed and seconded.  One of the candidates was Mr. Benjamin Bond, a steward and catering manager of the Blackpool Masonic Club; a very wise choice considering the difficulties of food rationing during the war years.

In 1944 a suggestion was made by the Chairman of the Fylde Group of Lodges that regular visits by  Masonic Brethren serving in the American Forces stationed in the Fylde area should be encouraged.  This suggestion was gladly adopted and over the period of the war years American personnel were welcomed into the Lodge, all being vouched for by Bro. Gerald McCelland of Naval Lodge No 24 Florida.  It is interesting to note from the minutes of the Lodge that two American officers were initiated into the Lodge on 26th August 1944 at which sixty brethren attended including American Brethren from seven different states.

At the Lodge meeting held on the 2nd September 1975 it was proposed and seconded that permission be sought for the Lodge to promote a Royal Arch Chapter to be known as the Blackpool Chapter of Integrity No 5864.  The Chapter was consecrated on the 25th May 1976.

One of the outstanding and memorable occasions during recent years was thr dedication of the Lodge banner on Tuesday 1st February 1983.

It is gratifying, to the members of the Lodge, that the promises given to the Provincial Grand Master by the founders in 1942, have been fulfilled many times over