Blackpool Tranquility Lodge No 6544

It was at an emergency meeting of Blackpool Lodge on 24th July 1947 that the petition for a new Lodge, to be named Blackpool Lodge of Tranquillity, was signed.  Of the 21 petitioners 19 were from Blackpool Lodge, which had a membership of 110, so progress in the Lodge was very slow.

The consecration took place on the 18th March 1948 at the Masonic Hall, Adelaide Street.  R.W.Bro. Arthur Foster, Provincial Grand Master was the Consecrating Officer.  All 20 founding members attended along with 93 visitors.  At that time food was still rationed, some of the personal allowances being 1oz. bacon, 1.5 oz. cheese and 3lbs potatoes (no extra for vegetarians).  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth celebrated their Silver Jubilee.  Ghandi was assassinated and the State of Israel was born.  Blackpool were defeated in the F.A. Cup Final by Manchester United by 4 goals to 2.

The first meeting after the Consecration 4 joining members were admitted.  Bro. S.C. Taylor, L. Bridgett, C. Harrington, and F.E. Crawshaw, all of whom subsequently became Master of the Lodge.  W.Bro. S.C. Taylor and C. Harrington were present at the recent celebration Golden Jubilee of the Lodge.

W.Bro. H. Kirk-Smith, the Provincial Grand Chaplain dedicated the Lodge Banner, presented by W.Bro. A.H. Simpson, on 31st March 1978.  W.Bro. S.H. Mason at the age of 100, was elected an Honorary Member on 23rd January 1984.  W,Bro. Mason’s co-founder and proposer intoMasonry, W.Bro. M.A. Crawshaw was present.  Both subsequently died within months of each other in 1987.  W.Bro. S.C. Taylor presented a magnificent sword to the Lodge, on the 8th January 1996, to mark the celebration of his fifty years in Masonry.  In May, the same year, W.Bro C. Harrington presented a poniard to match the sword, to mark his 50 years is Masonry.  In all six members have celebrated  50 years in Masonry, W.Bros, M.A. Crawshaw, J.H. Clinning, S.H. Mason, A.N. Clayton and the two brethren mentioned earlier.

December meetings were held up to 1957 when there was a change in the bylaws to discontinue that meeting and substitute a meeting in September.

The Lodge Summons did not include a crest until 1968 when W.Bro. M.A. Crawshaw gave a die for a design based on the Past Master’s Jewel.  The present crest has been in use since April 1992 when a die was given by W.Bro S.C. Taylor who also produced the design