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In 1929 Ashlar Lodge No 5154, which itself claims Clifton Lodge as its Mother Lodge was founded and 19 years later Ashlar Lodge sponsored Emblem Lodge No 6727.  Thus on the 9th of November 1948 Emblem Lodge No 6727 was consecrated at the Masonic Hall, Adelaide Street, Blackpool.  It was the 21st Lodge to be formed in Blackpool where there are now a total of 29 Lodges.  Ashlar Lodge Committee meeting held on Tuesday March 2nd 1948 records that W. Bro. Caton raised the matter of the closure of the list of Founders, which he considered had been done prematurely, because several other members of Ashlar Lodge had expressed to him a desire to become founders.

It appears that this caused considerable debate that was not resolved but was referred to the Founders to discuss and resolve.  It has to be assumed that a satisfactory resolution of the matter was achieved because no further reference can be found.  All that can be said is that, even at that early stage, the popularity of Emblem Lodge was being established.  The reason for the choice of the name Emblem is obscure, and whilst the word Emblem has a clear connection with Masonic ritual, it is a fascinating fact that there is only one Emblem Lodge on the register of the United Grand Lodge of England.  There were 29 Founders of Emblem Lodge, 25 of who were members of Ashlar Lodge.  A total of 115 Brethren attended the Consecration, and because of the concentration of U.S. Air Force personnel at Warton various American Lodges were represented.


W.Bro. Bentley – Founder Member

A most noteworthy event occurred at the Installation meeting of 6th February 1987 when the Lodge was honoured by the presence of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Alan Fletcher Ferris.  This was the first and only time, since the Consecration, that the Lodge has enjoyed that privilege.

Emblem Lodge is now well established and looks to the future with confidence.  The membership currently stands at over 60 and there is a list of candidates waiting to be initiated, as well as joining members adding to the numbers Emblem Lodge is now well established  and looks to the future with confidence.  The membership currently is very healthy and there is a list of candidates waiting to be initiated, as well as joining members adding to the numbers.