Mereside Lodge No 6360

Mereside Logo

Mereside Lodge was one of several Lodges which were consecrated in the Province of west Lancashire in 1946 after the Second World War. The proposer and sponsor was Great Marton Lodge (3985), which was consecrated in December, 1919 after the First World War. At the 240th regular meeting of Great Marton it was proposed that a new Lodge to be called Mereside should be formed.

Eighteen worthy Masons of Great Marton and five from Temperance (daughter Lodge of Great Marton) signed the petition which was duly sent to United Grand Lodge. The warrant, dated 9th November 1946, was received and the consecration took place on the 15th of November, 1946, at Marton Institute.

As many of the founders lived or worked on Marton Moss the name Mereside was an appropriate one to choose. The Lodge Emblem shows a windmill close to the waters edge. The water represents Marton Mere and the windmill represents the one that which still exists today, adjacent to Preston New Road.

Lodge meetings were held in the Marton Institute on the fourth Friday of each month except June, July and August. Only the Mother Lodge and two daughter Lodges met at the Marton Institute.

A special meeting was held in December, 1953, to consider a notice of motion that Mereside Lodge meetings should be held at the Foyer of the Opera House, Winter Gardens, Blackpool. In January 1954 the proposition to move to the Winter Gardens was carried. Before moving to the Winter Gardens a number of alterations had to be done to accommodate Lodges. As a consequence of this the Lodge had to move temporarily to the Brighton Hydro Hotel in March 1954.

Shortly after moving to the Winter Gardens in September 1954 it became obvious that the foyer was an unsuitable venue for Lodge meetings and it was resolved that future meetings would be held at the Masonic Temple at Adelaide Street starting in September 1955 on the first Monday of each month except June, July and August.

In September 1981 the Lodge meetings were moved to the Masonic Hall at

Poulton le Fylde but returned to Adelaide Street in September 2009.