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On Tuesday 28th November 1995, the Members celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Lodge.  It was a wonderful, convivial evening, which we were able to share  with                 W. Bro. Peter S. Walker, P.S.G.D., who was then Assistant Provincial Grand Master, and   W. Bro. Jack Humphrey, P.S.G.D., P.Ass.P.G.M., who is an honorary member of the Lodge.  They were accompanied by the Group Officers and other members of Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge.

Progress Lodge is the daughter Lodge of Blackpool Lodge and took its name from the motto on the Blackpool Borough Council Coat of Arms. The founders were mainly members of Blackpool Lodge, although one or two were members of the Lodge of Triumph, which met at St Anne’s.  The last of the Founders, W. Bro. J. H. Lawson died in 1969.

The membership of the Lodge is 30, three of whom joined the Lodge quite recently and we have two prospective candidates.  Although we are small in numbers we pride ourselves in the quality and standard of our Ceremonies.  The members of the Lodge are happy and friendly and we enjoy having guests at the Lodge meetings, priding ourselves that no visitor has ever left our company feeling a stranger, and that all “strangers” wish to visit us again.

We consider our Charity record to be good, and we do try to support all the Festivals and requests with enthusiasm and a happy spirit, and generally donate as much as would be expected from a Lodge of our size.

As the Millennium approaches, we charge the younger Brethren to take care of what our predecessors have created and handed down to us.  If you can improve it, do so, always remembering to guard the Landmarks of our Order against encroachment, and you will, in turn hand to your successors a Lodge pure and unsullied as you now receive it.