Saturnian Lodge No 7563

Saturnian lodge No 7563, was Consecrated at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool on 25th, February, 1958. Although the Lodge meets on a Saturday, the 25th of February was actually a Tuesday.

The consecration of the lodge was carried out by the then Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother L.E. Rutherford, with the Installing Master being Sir Knowles Edge. The ceremony was attended by over one hundred brethren from in and around the Province of West Lancashire.

The name Saturnian is taken from the Roman, Saturn, which relates to the sixth day, Saturns day or as we know it Saturday. Also in the beginning a certain number of founders of the lodge were hoteliers and as Saturday was traditionally change over day for the hotels it made it easier for them to attend.

In the year 2001 the Worshipful Master, Rodney Frederick Gee produced the lodge banner. The ceremony to dedicate this banner was carried out at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, on Saturday, 19th, May 2001 by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province of West Lancashire, W. Bro. J. Brian Wright. He was on this occasion accompanied by the Chairman of the North Blackpool Group of Lodges, W. Bro. Brian A Parkin plus other Grand and Provincial Officers.

In 2002, due to changes at the Imperial Hotel, Saturnian Lodge moved its lodge meeting place to the Masonic Hall, Adelaide Street, Blackpool and became a member of the Blackpool Group of Lodges, which it remains to this day.