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The first mention of St John’s Lodge appears in the minutes of Clifton Lodge No 703, where it is recorded that in June 1900 it was proposed and seconded that the members approve a petition for a new Lodge to be named St John’s Lodge.  The proposal was carried, and on July 3rd 1900, a warrant was granted for the formation of a Lodge to be known as St John’s Lodge No 2825 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England.  The Lodge was consecrated on Wednesday 26th September 1900.  That our brethren, in the early days, were not afraid of hard work is evident by the fact that at most meetings, three or four ceremonies were performed, separately, each Lodge night.  The hours for opening the Lodge appears to have varied from month to month as there are several instances at 5.10, 6.15, 7.10 and 7.30 pm  In particular, the Lodge held on 22nd March 1922 opened at 5.10 p.m. and closed at 9.15 p.m., during which four candidates were balloted for. two initiations and two separate raising ceremonies were performed.

The Lodge originally met on the third Wednesday in every month but in 1902 the date was changed to the fourth Wednesday, and in 1906, the July and August meetings were discontinued until 1922, when the June meetings also ceased.

The formation of the Lodges first daughter Lodge, the Blackpool Lodge of Sincerity No 4175 was first discussed in March 1920, and the warrant issued 1st September 1920.  In May 1953 the minutes record that a petition was submitted for the approval to form another new Lodge.  The petition was approved and the warrant was granted on 3rd February 1954 for the formation of a second daughter lodge, the Blackpool Lodge of Loyalty No 7332.  In 1975 the Lodge sought approval for the formation of another Lodge, the third daughter Lodge, to be named Normoss Lodge No 8741 and the warrant was granted in January 1977.  The consecration was on 23rd March 1977, and the Lodge meets at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

In November 1944, W. Bro. G. H. McLelland presented, to the Lodge, an Illuminated Address in appreciation of the kindness and hospitality shown to the American brethren stationed at Warton United States of America Air Base.

The Lodge has always given financial support to the Blackpool Masonic Hall Limited.  As early as 1901, 50 shares were taken up by the Lodge, a further 40 in 1903 and by 1907 the number totalled 265.  In 1920, a further 100 shares were obtained and at the present time the Lodge possesses 1150 shares.  The year 2000 saw the Centenary of the Lodge, and there are those members who have attained eminence in their profession, honour in Municipal circles and prominence in business life, yet the greatest achievement must have been attained by those brethren who have obeyed the injunction given to the Master at his Installation “to practice out of the Lodge those duties he has been taught in it”