Surprise visitor at Blackpool Lodge

Members and guests of Blackpool Lodge No 1476 met to enjoy the initiation ceremony of Andrew Carl Bradshaw.

David Randerson (left) congratulates Andrew Bradshaw.

The lodge was honoured by the attendance of three visitors from the Lodge of Remembrance No 6319 of Newcastle upon Tyne in the Province of Northumberland, in the persons of; the WM Peter Maughn accompanied by members Bob Gibson and Les Curry.

Local distinguished guests in attendance were the Blackpool Group Chairman John Turpin and the Senior Grand Warden of the Province of West Lancashire David Edwards.

So, no pressure for the acting lodge director of ceremonies Rory Maskell.

The lodge being duly opened and the business swiftly dispensed with, Rory was looking forward to directing a well rehearsed initiation ceremony and eagerly awaited the tyler to announce that the candidate was ready.

Confusion ensued when the awaited alarm was replaced with a report. The tyler announced to the inner guard that Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Randerson stands without and demands admission.

David Randerson entered the lodge and was escorted to his chair by the director of ceremonies. The WM Grant Thornburrow warmly welcomed David’s surprise visit to the lodge and hoped he would enjoy the evening. Not surprisingly, David declined the offer of the gavel of the lodge.

Once calm had returned to the lodge, the WM invited Andrew’s proposer Robert Arrand to occupy the master’s chair to conduct the ceremony.

Robert delivered a faultless ceremony aided by the officers of the lodge. The junior deacon Darren Clemson delivered an explanation of the working tools and on the candidate’s return to the lodge Lee Martin gave Andrew the charge after initiation.

The group chairman John Turpin welcomed Andrew into Freemasonry particularly the Blackpool Group and wished him every success and happiness in Blackpool Lodge.

The lodge being closed in harmony the brethren and special guests retired to the festive board.

Pictured from left to right, are: Robert Arrand, David Randerson, Andrew Bradshaw, Grant Thornburrow, John Turpin, David Edwards.

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